J.Cole “Grew Up Fast” In Rhode Island

ALL-REALNESS, British Universities gotta follow suit from our cousins overseas and get tours of such levels as these.

If it does pop off, Be ALL the way REAL and remember who suggested it.


VH1’s Behind The Music: Konvict Music Special

Recently, VH1 got Knovict Music‘s Boss (Akon), and his former apprentice (T-Pain) to open up about their lives from the  beginning, to now where they have their stamp as a household names in Music. ALL-REALNESS was required of both man, and I can say they hardly held back, especially Nappy Boy.

It’s all good enjoying the face and forefront of the music, but ALL that REALNESS is behind it.


T-Pain’s Behind The Music: http://www.nowvideo.eu/video/kvaij0a8022wm

Akon’s Behind The Music: http://www.mrworldpremiere.net/2012/04/behind-music-akon.html

It’s Official: MJB’s Burger King Prank LOOL [LINK]

It’s Official: MJB’s Burger King Prank LOOL [LINK]

Check it out: 

In ALL-REALNESS, I wish I was lying but… Its that good baaad. Mary got the streets pranking Burger King HARD!!

We know its never official unto some of the higher powers start playing with it….. WELL….

Hot97’s Morning Show had Yandy from ‘Love & HipHop’ over, and they thought it’ll be cool to try it out. LOOOL

If y’all know Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds, then you’ll know they got jokes…. This time, they got pranks.

I might hit up Burger King just to get involved LOL

Don’t judge me. I’m just being REAL lol

Something To Nothing: Art Of Rap [Trailer]

Directed by Ice-T, we follow him from coast to coast on a journey to explore the roots of Hip-Hop staring some of rap’s finest including Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kanye, Nas and more. In theaters Stateside on June 15.

In ALL-REALNESS, I’ve got a tone load of movies like this. I hope this one stands out from these other Hip-Hop documentaries.
I hope it reaches the UK though… Our folks need some edumacation lol

LOOL: Mary J. Blige Burger King Commercial

Now, ALL-REALNESS here. I know the recession really hit folks all over the world but DAMN!!! MJB already hit her 3rd strict with her 1st attempt in commercials. BURGER KING though?!!!
Sources say she is suuuper angry with the outcome.
I’m sure Steve Stoute would of at least warned you Mary. LOL

On the up, word has it she got 2M’s for this awkward ad.
It might make her look like a joke, but she sure is laughing to the bank with this…

Sidebar: David Beckham did the same sort of advert and came out WINING!!! sorry Mary

Check out it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f8qz2Ssr6c&feature=related

Jhene Aiko – Sailing Souls [MIXTAPE]

Sailing Souls [MIXTAPE}Jhene Aiko – Sailing Souls [MIXTAPE]

In ALL-REALNESS. this mixtape is a great body of work for a RnB Chick that used to roll with B2K.

Jhene Aiko came out of nowhere for me, but I’m sure if she keeps delivering at such a high standard. Then I don’t see the reason why she can’t be over there having big meetings in them tall buildings in New York for Big $$$.

Naa 4REAL 4REAL, I urge y’all to download it and I guarantee  you’ll have a few cuts on this joint on repeat.