Trayvon Martin Murderer Finally in court

Trayvon Martin Murderer Finally in court


A little more on the contraversal side of things. A sideline story that should have been top priority concerning the circumstance of events.
After 48 days walking the streets of Florida as a free-man, George Zimmerman has finally been charged with 2nd degree murder of  17year old Trayvon Martin, and is next expected in court on May 29th.

Really though, 48 days? A murderer of an unarmed 17 year old is getting charged now?

Thank God they AT-LEAST did that, but the length of time truly disappoints me.

I totally understand the complications of Florida’s “stand your ground law” which allows the use of deadly force if someone believes they are in danger of imminent death or great bodily harm, but at least charge him before the use of the law is used in court. Rather than speculate and then let him walk free straight after such an event…
He evidently killed somebody, not allegedly, HE DID!!!



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